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Public Statement About Violence
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 12:55

Hello everyone:

Following confirmation from national and local news sources I wanted to make a formal announcement to the public on our policy with relation to dealing with reports of real life violence and inform the community that if you are having problems we are here to talk and help you. Taking problems into your own hands and dealing with them in violent ways is something that we hope you do not do. If you are feeling that something in your life is troubling or you need to talk to someone please understand that our moderators, community staff and corporate office personnel are here to listen; we want to help you and will keep anything you tell us confidential within the parameters of the law. If you ever have an issue and need to talk to someone there is a national crisis hotline; in addition we offer a 24 hour emergency line for site offline reports, law enforcement inquiries, harassment reports and abuse issues. This service is offered free of charge and paid for by donations to the site and from company funds maintained by our clients as well as advertising revenue we make from When you call please provide the agent who answers your name, the type of issue you need help with, your phone number and a brief description. A contracted staff member will return your call promptly; usually within 1 hour. Thank you for reading this and I hope for the best with you all. I will list the national crisis line number below in addition to our office number.

Crisis Hotline: 1-800-784-2433 (Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention)
DIMS Emergency Response: 1 (888) 401 – 0189 x 9 (Toll Free within the US and Canada)
New Hope Counseling Center:


Joshua “Risaxseph” Hina
Chief Management Officer
Delta Internet and Media Services LLC.
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Upgrade Partially done
Written by Mystogan368   
Sunday, 26 February 2012 03:26

Due to reason i have no control over i had to bring the site back online in the middle of the upgrade since i was already 50% i did not want to undo the upgrades. so for now the site is up but some things might not work..     

Reason= Net Failing if it crashes i could go out for 1 full day that would mean no site since i took it down 

Now Accepting Subbed Anime Adds


Effective today we will now allow subbed anime on the site. We will be adding a seperate list for subbed and I hope to soon implment a catagories section to catalog the anime we have into genres. If you have any questions please ask in a comment.

Joshua Hina

Anime update: 21/02/11

New Dubbed Anime:

Bleach episode 192

Kekkaishi episode 38

From Rockyeahh

Additional Madness!

Witness the great power of the Terran Empire!

anime update 2/15/2011

Transformers G1 is now being added to the site enjoy


Anime Update: 15/02/11

Anime:           Death Note
Episodes:     21-37


Anime update 14/02/11

New english dubbed anime:

Bleach episode 191

Kekkaishi episode 37

From Rockyeahh

Anime Update: 14/02/11

New Anime: Death Note
Episodes:    01-20


Anime Update 13/2/11

Ive Just Uploaded the First episode of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo More will follow, Enjoy


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